Tareq earns two Diplomas and a pathway to Uni!

Stuck at home due to COVID-19

Tarek is an Australian who was working in Kuwait when the COVID-19 virus swept the world. Not only was he now confined to Kuwait, but he also could not re-enter Australia without a 14-day isolation period. So, he was basically stuck in his room in Kuwait.

Rather than wasting his time watching football replays, he set about doing something very clever that would progress his career.

He always wanted to return to Australia and get a degree in business. He set his sights on doing a Bachelor of Business at Griffiths University. So, while in Kuwait, he searched the Internet for a course that he could do that would help him.

Finding the right course

Naturally, the course had to be 100% online. And, it must meet the requirements of the Australian Qualification Framework. Furthermore, there would need to be good and easy support from a Trainer / Assessor / Mentor, who could help him through to graduation. Lastly, it was essential that Tarek could go at his own pace, that is, without a schedule to tie him down, so he could work harder and complete earlier.

Tarek found all of this at Edmund Barton College of Business Education.

He commenced and graduated in the Diploma of Leadership & Management. He found the work challenging and substantial, and he learned a variety of skills and knowledge that would help him with his job in a practical sense.

When he completed this Diploma, he went on to get a Diploma of Business from Edmund Barton College. He could take some credits earned in the Diploma of Leadership & Management and apply them to the Diploma of Business, meaning the Diploma of Business came at a reduced fee and reduced workload. So, now he has two Diplomas to his name.

Here comes the clever part.

Tarek said,

“I got accepted in Griffith University with 5 units credit (taken from his Diplomas), and I’m trying with other universities to get more credit so I can speed up my Bachelor Degree.”

So, by completing 2 Diplomas at home (i.e., outside of Australia) and online, Tarek could not only learn new material and practices, he could earn two Australian-recognised and accredited qualifications. He then applies credits from the Diplomas towards the University Degree that he wants to pursue, which reduces his degree fees, reduces the amount of time and living expenses being a student, and gets him into his dream career earlier.

Tarek has saved time, saved fees and earned more qualifications.


He said that while studying at Edmund Barton College,

“I got my confidence back after leaving my studies for a very long time, so I’m very happy and proud to be back on the right path toward pursuing my dream.”



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