Why Is Our Way of Training So Unique?

Our training delivery consists of cutting edge technology delivering highly engaging, fun lessons with a strong emphasis on providing deep subject understanding.

You have a vision, let us help take you there.

Whether you have a strong, defined vision for your future or a more dynamic and shifting idea, we can help you solidify your vision and work towards it until it becomes realised.


Our course delivery is uncompromisingly cutting edge and 100% online.  We don't ask you to come into crowded, stuffy classrooms, catch buses or trains or sit in traffic. You can even learn at the beach!

We'll provide you with a learning experience that fits around your lifestyle. If you need more training in a certain area you can just retake the subject until you're comfortable you understand it.


You can sign up for a free trial of most of our courses, where you'll get to sit a substantial unit from the course. This is not a 5-minute summary, or a tedious 14-day trial. These are free-forever course units with real substance, and you will find and learn useful skills in them.

Take one - test it, like it or loathe it and try another until you find the course you love.


Our training materials have been built specifically for online delivery. They are not tired rehashings of classroom training, and they are not a tedious pile of PDFs for you to wade through.

In fact, we only use PDFs as reference material so that you can take away to use at your convenience.

Our materials are cutting edge HTML5, fully engaging, awesome and fun to use learning experiences.

But don't take our word for it - grab a free trial and find out for yourself.


Out educators are the backbone of our training service, and they are there to help you along the way, and whenever you reach out to them.

Expect to meet friendly, helpful people who have already been and done things in the business world, and who are now ready to pass on their experience to the next generation of business leaders.


Why Study at Edmund Barton?

Students who choose us get more than just a great education and a great start to a career - they get a fully integrated experience that will resonate for years to come. Anyone can go the conventional route, but our students choose us because they want an amazing start and the full support that our engaged and involved faculty and staff can offer.


We understand students have families, work and hobbies - and our programmes are designed to work with, not against, your current life and obligations. It's never been easier to integrate education fully into your lifestyle.

Flexible study courses
Quality training and learning materials


Our students come away with more than just a qualification - they develop a deep and lasting understanding of the business fundamentals they need to succeed. Our unique approach to education ensures that your classes are enjoyable, engaging and that the knowledge you gain stays with you for years to come.


When you succeed, we succeed. Because of this, we are truly committed and passionate about every single student we work with. Students find unsurpassed support, guidance and assistance with everything from coursework to career planning and support when they enrol with us.

Supportive learning
Boost your career


Boost your career options and showcase your talent; anyone can go to a conventional school; it takes someone with exemplary motivation and skills to complete our challenging but engaging program. Employers know this, and your resume will stand out from the crowd once you've completed your studies - as someone who goes the extra mile to reach their goals.

Knowledge is Power


FREE unit

from one of our business courses sound?

By FREE we don't mean a "free" trial that you can only access for a few days. We mean FREE as in unlimited access to real learning resources and assessments with the same quality as our paid courses.

Learn as much as you can and take as long as you like - we'll even help you get the most out of it.