How about we get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about exactly what you get, and how it works!

Here's the nuts and bolts!

What do I get?

We want you to be comfortable in your decision to try Edmund Barton College of Business Education. We want you to know that we will help you with your studies. And, we want to guide you into the business world. Have a look below at the things you can expect to get from us:

  • A Nationally Recognised Training course, and qualification

    You will receive the exact same curriculum as you would get from a TAFE, delivered by business specialised trainers and mentors.

  • Start your course whenever you are ready

    Once you have completed your enrolment - you could be ready to start your course within 48 hours. No waiting weeks or months for the next start dates. 

  • Self-paced and engaging learning programs

    Our education is second to none in quality and rises above the rest with a focus on fun, the joy of learning and deep and lasting comprehension.

  • Learning resources created for online delivery

    All our learning resources are designed from scratch for online, computer-based delivery. Sometimes courses that are converted to digital from face to face can be awkward to use.

  • Study where you're at right now

    Choose your location and learning times to fit into your lifestyle. The days of bending over backwards to accommodate studying are over at Edmund Barton College!

  • No pass or fail marking or assessment scoring

    This is all about whether you are competent enough in the unit to move on to the next not about passing and failing. What you will get is support and help to complete the unit. This is about a transfer of skills from us to you!

  • Support, mentoring and networking

    You'll gain access to a supportive network and chat group to connect with fellow students and mentors to help with anything from help on course units and questions to business advice and discussions to inspiration and support.

  • A dedicated Mentor to help you every step of the way

    Our education team are much more than just trainers so we call them Mentors which fits better with the close support, skills transfer model we provide.

  • Information from business leaders

    We have deep connections in the business world and we use them to get high powered business leaders to pass on tips and learning.

  • A qualification to be proud of

    Graduate with a highly credible qualification from a great Australian business college. You're going to receive a qualification on graduation that will be doing the goods in your career for many years to come.



Our unique course delivery combines the very best in learning materials with an innovative platform that allows you to access from anywhere and at any time.

With quizzes, interactive modules and interesting easy to follow topics, we make learning fun and easy.

Build Your Own course

At Edmund Barton College, we give you the freedom to build your own course around your interests and your goals.
During your enrolment, we give you a list of available units for your course and then allow you to choose subjects that you want to do.

What's more, you're free to change some of your elective units even when the course has started.


How Does it Work?

Watch our short video to show you what to expect if you are thinking about enrolling with Edmund Barton College.

It's an easy process and depending on your options chosen - you could be starting to study your chosen course in less than 48 hours!

Knowledge is Power


FREE unit

from one of our business courses sound?

By FREE we don't mean a "free" trial that you can only access for a few days. We mean FREE as in unlimited access to real learning resources and assessments with the same quality as our paid courses.

Learn as much as you can and take as long as you like - we'll even help you get the most out of it.