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Edmund Barton College is the brainchild of Tony Chesher, who has spent years running education organisations like Maddisson Training, overseeing the education of many thousands of students since 2003. Tony realised that students have three often opposing requirements.

Everyone wants the best education possible, everyone wants to save as much money as possible, and everyone wants training that fits around their lifestyle.

Tony and his team realised that bricks and mortar colleges are unable to provide high-quality education at a low cost for the students because the colleges’ own costs are so high.

The solution was to create a business college with 100% online delivery, and a heavy reliance on the most cutting edge education technology. We built in a supportive, mentoring culture and we baked fun into our learning materials and delivery.

About Edmund Barton

"I believe in education."

I believe in education. It gives people not just knowledge, but power. I really believe that is the best way to improve us as individuals ... and our world. That's why I adopted the famous quote "Scientia potentia est" (that's Latin for Knowledge is Power) on the top of the Edmund Barton logo. This quote is attributed to English thinker, Sir Francis Bacon, written in 1597, and it's still very applicable today.

In fact, I have committed to giving 25% of the total profits made from Edmund Barton College to those who are unable to access education, in the hope that it will help give them the power to change their own lives and that of their family and community.

That's power in action.

Tony Chesher | CEO Edmund Barton College of Business Education

Tony Chesher

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The outcome and benefits to our students are that you receive ultra-premium quality training delivered to your personal devices wherever you happen to be.

It also allows us to offer a wide range of free forever taster courses so that you can make sure that the course you are thinking of is a good fit.

All this comes with a lower price point than any offline college can charge for training of a similar quality.

Since our educators spend less time in classes, they can spend more time mentoring you during your time with us.

When you choose a business training provider, make sure that the course delivery and the price you pay works for you, and not just for the college.

Why Edmund Barton?

Why Edmund Barton and why is our college named in his honour?

Well, he was Australia's first Prime Minister, of course.

But, he was also one of the participants of the Constitutional Convention, and a founding member of Australia's High Court.

He was a visionary leader and an educated man who had a major impact on Australia's evolution into the nation it is today.

Edmund Barton Business College is a place where visions are born, leaders are formed and business thinking takes a leading edge.

We are proud to honour Edmund Barton's positive and visionary actions on behalf of Australia and to have him as a role model of Edmund Barton College of Business.

Edmund Barton - Business College
Knowledge is Power


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By FREE we don't mean a "free" trial that you can only access for a few days. We mean FREE as in unlimited access to real learning resources and assessments with the same quality as our paid courses.

Learn as much as you can and take as long as you like - we'll even help you get the most out of it.