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Whether you want to see if the course is right for you, or just see what makes us different, you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity for free business courses.


We think that it's crazy that people are expected to jump before they look, and the assumption that everyone knows what career they want before they leave school is deeply flawed.

Many of the most successful business people in the world got where they are through an iterative approach of testing, trialling, switching and trying again.

If that's what works in business, and it is, then surely business education should follow the same approach?

So welcome to the new world of free business course tasters.

Choose one, or a whole tasting plate, just take your time, learn and enjoy and when you're ready maybe sign up for a whole qualification.

... or just go on an around the world backpacking adventure - we'll be here with your business education when you get back.

... even better - take your laptop and learn while you're on the road - free, flexible, education is what we are all about.


Discovering the engaging lessons, deep knowledge and unsurpassed support you'll find is just the beginning. We know that the best way to learn how a school or process works is to actually sign up and complete a class - so we're offering your first unit absolutely free. You'll get to experience the flexibility and quality of this dynamic and engaging programme yourself and come away with the confidence you need to move forward.

Don't Delay! Take the first step towards your goals and education today. Sign up now to launch your free unit and take the first step towards your biggest goals.


Try a small taster of the course to decide if it is right for you. Whether to try our unique delivery methods or to just see what the course is like, it's a perfect chance to help you make up your mind.


Our taster courses are offered to you free of charge, with no cost to you. You will have full access to the same training materials and systems that we use to deliver all of our courses.

There is no limited access, time period or any of that tedious stuff.

100% online

All of our courses are delivered 100% online, from signing up, to payment, to choosing your units, and studying and assessment - our courses are 100% online. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to truly study in your own time at your own pace.


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So How Does This Work?

You can sign up right now for any of our free units, then you will have full access to the selected free course unit. The unit will be exactly the same training materials and exactly the same delivery technology as our paid courses.

Once you progress through the course we can help you choose what to do next, or you can decide yourself to sign up for a full course or to choose another free course.

If you struggle, let us know and we'll reach out to help you, and we can support you in finding the right learning pathway.

It's free, it's easy and it's fun, but don't think for a minute that the subject matter is frivolous - all our courses are full of substance that will feed your career in the decades ahead.

This could be the most empowering move you make this year - you owe it to your future self to take action now.

Knowledge is Power


FREE unit

from one of our business courses sound?

By FREE we don't mean a "free" trial that you can only access for a few days. We mean FREE as in unlimited access to real learning resources and assessments with the same quality as our paid courses.

Learn as much as you can and take as long as you like - we'll even help you get the most out of it.