Meet the team

We are proud of our team and the people who work for and support Edmund Barton College. Meet some of the team who you can expect to get to know as a student of Edmund Barton College. 

Tony Chesher


Studied a business course and chose to follow a career in HR. Tony started out by working for a recruitment firm in the Sydney CBD, and then boldly stepped out and started his own business in training. This provided first-hand experience of starting a business from scratch and what it takes to make it successful.

He surrounded himself with good people , took their advice, and built a Registered Training Organisation. 15 years later, he’s still the CEO. Tony has a passion for education and wants to share its benefits with everyone.

Tony is currently studying Philosophy, Politics and English plays drums (not well!), cries in movies (when the reluctant hero emerges triumphant), loves sport and climbing mountains (literally)!


Vickie has worked in customer service , business admin, workplace health & safety, and in hospitality leadership roles, bringing this experience with her to our company when she joined us as a corporate Trainer in 2007. She enjoys engaging with students and imparting her wealth of knowledge with her warm, patient and understanding nature.

Vickie is multilingual and has developed skills that allow her students to feel valued, by providing specific activities that break down the language and cultural understanding for her non-english speaking students.

She is passionate about the Training profession and finds the role to be highly rewarding. Vickie is a big fan of pilates and yoga. She is a 'foodie' and likes discovering new eateries. She also loves to travel.


Michelle started in a big corporate as a Learning & Development Manager, so she’s very familiar with what the employer wants.

Since that time , she's had over 15 years’ experience in personally delivering training in Leadership & Management, Business and Customer Engagement courses.

Michelle has trained thousands of people from the unemployed through to corporate executives, so she’s very aware of how a theory course can be applied in business practice. She has also studied many, many professional development courses, including a Bachelor of Education.

Our students tend to build a good relationship with Michelle and they love the way she nurtures them into understanding new ideas. When she’s not training – or renovating her home (!) – she loves to holiday in beachside resorts with her family.


Student Support
Jenni started working in an office after leaving school and worked her way up to a Office Manager role of an International company based in North Sydney where, one year, she won Employee of the Year. Then, the work/life question kicked in and she wondered if the corporate life was really for her, so, she chose to move out of the city, did courses in Customer Engagement, Interior Design and even belly-dancing!

Jenni nestled into the accounts area of Edmund Barton College where she’s been for nearly 10 years and works from home.

She loves yoga , her family, taking her Jack Russell/Foxy cross for morning walks, and she has a pathological need to make sure her clients get really good support!
Maddy- Course Advisor


Course Advisor
Originally from the Northern Territory outback, Maddy has worked in customer service for the past 6 years, maintaining various positions within hospitality, sales, and administration.

After school she decided to pursue her higher education, specialising in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which she combines with her work at Edmund Barton College.

Maddy is extremely passionate about business education and is happiest when she is assisting people on their career journey. When she’s not studying or working, she is planning her next skiing trip with her family, gyming it up, or obsessing over the latest Marvel movie!


Originally from the UK , Jo has been working for corporate business for over 20 years in a variety of roles from support to software development and over the last 8 years has been working in marketing for various sized companies.

She is relatively new to Edmund Barton College and is looking forward to the challenge of working on digital communication.

When she's not got her head in her laptop she enjoys being kept on her toes with her three children and getting out and about in the forests and at the beaches - especially with her head under the water!


IT Support and Website
Simon is our go-to techie guy. From looking after our IT systems to building our website he is the one that we quite probably couldn't live without. He's been in IT for over 30 years and has worked for large corporate clients and has successfully run his own businesses.

He does manage to get out of the office on occasion and has been known to enjoy family time and exploring and travelling the county. Simon also enjoys nature, Xbox, and bio-hacking when not building digital wonders.
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