Why Choose Us?

Why should you choose to study at Edmund Barton College of Business Education?

Get a great education and a great start to your career

Students who choose us get more than just a great education and a great start to a career - they get a fully integrated experience that will resonate for years to come.

Anyone can go the conventional route, but our students choose us because they want an amazing start and the full support that our engaged and involved faculty and staff can offer.

Our students also choose us because of our ongoing commitment to ultra-high quality training delivered with cutting edge technology and concepts, and not forgetting our ever popular free-forever course tasters.


We understand students have families, work and hobbies - and our programmes are designed to work with, not against, your current life and obligations. It's never been easier to integrate education fully into your lifestyle.

Flexible study courses
Quality training and learning materials


Our students come away with more than just a qualification - they develop a deep and lasting understanding of the business fundamentals they need to succeed. Our unique approach to education ensures that your classes are enjoyable, engaging and that the knowledge you gain stays with you for years to come.


When you succeed, we succeed. Because of this, we are truly committed and passionate about every single student we work with. Students find unsurpassed support, guidance and assistance with everything from coursework to career planning and support when they enrol with us.

Supportive learning
Boost your career


Boost your career options and showcase your talent; anyone can go to a conventional school; it takes someone with exemplary motivation and skills to complete our challenging but engaging program. Employers know this, and your resume will stand out from the crowd once you've completed your studies - as someone who goes the extra mile to reach their goals.

100% online - study any time, any place.

Free forever course units.

Mentoring, supportive learning environment.

Build your own course with flexible elective choices.

Low PDF Learning - We provide engaging, interactive learning materials.

Substantial education - You will learn a great deal, and learn well.

Integrity - We are reputable, and trustworthy.

Helpful, respectful career advice - We'll help you achieve your goals.

Genuinely innovative delivery.

Get meaningful, useful feedback on your submitted work.

Learn Towards a Better Future

Enrolling in college while you are working is one of the best ways to secure your future and ensure you are able to advance to the job you truly want - but you shouldn't have to leave work to gain these important skills. Students choose us for our convenient online format, which is flexible enough to accommodate other things, from your career to family life, without leaving you tired or burnt out.

You'll love gaining the knowledge and insights you need to move ahead at work, without having to sacrifice time with friends and loved ones. Our students truly get the best of both worlds; a world-class education and the convenience and flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Who Is this for?

At Edmund Barton College of Business Education, we accept applications from a broad range of students and adults who are interested in Business Studies online.

Need a Qualification

When you've been in a position for a while it's common to reach a ceiling where you just can't seem to move upwards to a better job, and salary.

Maybe you've seen other people overtake you on the career ladder, but you can always make up lost ground.

We work with many students who want to get a business qualification so that they can progress with their current employer into management and other avenues.

Employers look favourably on staff who take the initiative to up-skill on their own and choosing to learn like this puts you in control of what you learn, and helps you move towards your goals, not the goals that others have for you.


For those heading to college for the first time, we offer everything you need to succeed. An engaging and interesting online curriculum tops our list and offers far more than the boring and sometimes dated PDFs that other colleges use for teaching. Instead, our dynamic system is designed to support your needs, keep you engaged and ensure you truly gain mastery of the material. The skills you pick up now will serve you for years to come.

Our students enjoy putting their skills to the test and discovering in detail what the jobs they are interested in have to offer. When you leave, you'll be fully qualified to get the job you truly want and have the skills to secure it with ease.

Who Is This For?

Rising Stars

Maybe you're in a job that sucks right now, and you know you're capable of much more. It's easy to get stuck in a rut, so don't blame yourself.

You know you can improve your life, your future and your bank balance, and maybe you're ready to take a step towards a better tomorrow.

We offer training geared for people like you, delivered by people who have been in your shoes and escaped to a better life, where they control their destinies.

We can help guide you to the right path too, and we have vast skills and experience in helping people find the right career.

After graduation, we also help place people into great jobs with our recruitment contacts and skills, and our industry connections.

Starting a Business

Australia is the land of the small business, and it's never been easier to start up a business.

The reality is that this means huge competition and many failures, but don't be put off. With the right training and guidance business success becomes far more likely.

We can show you how to tip the balance in your favour and the skills you will learn on our business courses will be with you for life.

Starting a business is often one of the most transformative experiences of your life, and one that can come with almost limitless rewards.

Find out today how we can help you become your own boss.

Knowledge is Power


FREE unit

from one of our business courses sound?

By FREE we don't mean a "free" trial that you can only access for a few days. We mean FREE as in unlimited access to real learning resources and assessments with the same quality as our paid courses.

Learn as much as you can and take as long as you like - we'll even help you get the most out of it.