6 Reasons Why Online Training Is Better Than Face-to-Face

The traditional face-to-face has been around since the Greek philosophers, but now there’s a new way to learn, and it’s pretty good. For many of the reasons why face-to-face is a problem, online has an answer. Let’s take a look.


Flexible study times


Face-to-face education is pretty stuck on when you have to be in class. I mean, it’s not really possible to schedule their classes around everyone’s schedule. So, you have to fall in line with them. But, online education colleges allow you to study when you want. This is really great for those who are working, or are parents, or have other commitments that might clash. You find the time that suits you; maybe once the kids are in bed, or Sunday mornings, etc.

Online allows you to join a nation-wide community!


The really great thing about online education colleges is the ability to hook up with people from all over the country! The face-to-face Uni can only draw people to your class who are living locally. So, imagine swapping your work, or discussing ideas, and becoming friends with people from all walks of life, from Tassie to Cairns, Broome to Brissie, Adelaide to Darwin, and all the little towns in between … not forgetting the islands, of course!


Online courses that are offered are now very broad


You can study almost anything you want online now. From short courses to degrees, from dedicated online colleges to established Uni’s, there’s something for everyone out there. You can study a short RSA course, interior decorating, Certificates in Business, or Diplomas in Leadership & Management.


The learning materials are so much better online


If you’ve ever sat in a 2-hour lecture, listening to some Teacher dribble on and on and on… then, you’ll love that online learning materials are so much more engaging these days. You don’t have to work at the same pace of the Teacher; learn at your own pace, faster or slower. And, you’ll find online training methods are so much interesting these days with the use of graphics, video, and technology. Forget about downloading Word docs or PDF’s. You’ll find the better online education places are very big on getting you great learning materials.


You can start online training anytime


If you missed the latest intake for Uni, and you think another year has slipped past, I have some good news for you! Online training should allow you to start whenever you’re ready. You can also pause when you need to (if you have something happening in your life) or move quickly to complete earlier. No need to work to the pre-determined schedule of the Uni.


You can design your own course


Sometimes face-to-face education has a set format with little room for changes. A good online training college should allow you to choose what subjects you want to do. Even if you get part way through the subject and don’t like it, online training allows you the flexibility to change to another subject.

So, if you’re considering doing a course, look for the things that are important to you. Consider online education; it’s come a long way in the past 10 years and it now offers a lot more than what face-to-face education can offer.

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