What does sex have to do with success?

Napoleon Hill wrote a book after decades of research and called it, “Think and Grow Rich”. The important word in this title is ‘think’. Hill argues that by using one’s imagination and mentally visualising what it is that we want, and then charging this with energy, things can be achieved. One’s mind is the tool that is used to make these things happen. But, a word or caution, our mind can also prevent this goal from happening, for reasons that I will explain below.


Hill puts forward 10 separate, but interrelated, points that will enable us to achieve that which we visualise. Let’s go through them;

1. Thoughts are powerful things.

To not think is to be like a rudderless boat; you’ll go somewhere, but probably not where you intend. So, being able to think through and imagine the possibilities – both threats and opportunities – allows us to prepare and act accordingly. Probably, things will go wrong, by mistakes and failures are simply learning experiences that will help keep you focussed.

2. Desire.

Actually, that should be a ‘burning desire’ because all the pre-thinking is useless unless you begin the journey and stick to it, despite the inevitable obstacles that get in the way. Desire turns thinking into action. And persistence and determination keeps you on track.

3. Faith.

Have you ever heard that if you really want something, and begin the process of making it happen, then the universe will conspire to get you what you want? This is the faith part. Who knows exactly how it works, but it just does. So, believe in your goal. 

4. Specialised knowledge.

This one might come into conflict with the Edmund Barton College motto, but I also think that to test one’s own beliefs, it needs to be questioned. Hill says that our motto, ‘knowledge is power’, is not quite correct. He says ‘knowledge is potential power’. That is, it only becomes power when put into action. Do you agree?

5. Imagination.

Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge”. And Hill uses this quote to emphasise that once we begin thinking about our goal, and how to get there, imagination will allow us to create ideas that are innovative solutions.

6. Are you a decision-maker or a procrastinator?

Procrastination is a killer of goals. It is often something in the mind that mind stops us from going forward. To achieve means to stop procrastinating and start doing. Start making decisions. Start moving forward. 

7. Mastermind Alliance.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded, intelligent people is very useful, according to Hill. It allows you to put your goals and ideas to the test and allow other peoples’ minds to help you grow it. But, be sure that the ‘other’ people are positive and helpful.

8. Sex Transmutation.

The sexual desires that almost all of us have in us is energy that, Hill says, can be channelled toward superior results. He acknowledges that it requires great willpower to control but, done properly, it can super-charge our desire and innovation.  

9. Subconscious mind.

Everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch is ‘recorded’ in our subconscious part of the mind. It may be negative or positive. We may never ‘think’ about it until it comes to the surface. To be sure you are relying on only positive thoughts, be careful and vigilant in ensuring only positive thoughts fill your mind.

10. Fear.

Like procrastination, fear can hold us back and prevent us from moving. There are many fears and most seem realistic. But fear is normally always only in the mind. It can, and must, be overcome. Your mind can do this if you let it, strengthen it, and reward it for bravery. 


Finally, it is sometimes easier to visualise your goals than to constantly ‘think’ them. So, if you are determined enough, consider writing down your goals, or even getting a picture of them, and place it on your wall in your bedroom, so you see and read it every night and every morning. Over time, if you allow it and believe strongly enough, it will start to take hold and, with your help, it will start to take shape. Start with just one step, every day. Watch it grow. Stick with it. Back yourself. 


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