How to get an Australian Diploma without Cricos

If you are thinking about studying in Australia we have some amazing news for you.

Edmund Barton College is now offering Australian certificates and diplomas to students online and in any country, and by that we mean YOU STUDY IN YOUR OWN HOME!

No need to move to Australia for a year to sit an Australian certificate or diploma course.

In case your next question is “are these real Australian qualifications”, then the answer is a resounding YES! They are the exact same qualifications that are awarded to Australian students and international students who are studying in Australia.

All you need to do is choose your course, and as long as you have a working internet connection, a computer and your English level is reasonable you are away. 

You can sit as many courses as you like, and gain as many qualifications as you like.

This means that you DON’T need any of these things every week of your course;

Rent                                                        $140

Groceries and eating out                     $130

Power and gas                                       $25

Phone and internet                                $15

Public transport                                      $40

Entertainment                                         $40

Total for 52 weeks:                                 $20,290

Our courses are often cheaper than most CRICOS course too, so there may be a saving of thousands of dollars on tuition as well.

Pathway To Australian Universities

If you want to get a qualification so you can apply to Australian universities then you are in luck as all our qualifications will be recognised throughout Australia. They are in fact the exact same qualifications you would get at private colleges and universities in Australia.

We don’t do degree courses though, so you still need to go to University if that’s your plan.

Start A Great Career, Or Land A Better Job

If you’re set on getting a job rather than going to university, then any Australian business is going to recognise and value the qualifications you earn with us.

Whether you intend to move to Australia or you just want a great qualification to grace the pages of your resume, you can be assured that our course and qualifications are;

  • 100% recognised throughout Australia.
  • Well recognised and respected worldwide.
  • As affordable as we can make high-quality courses.
  • Come with fantastic student support and mentoring.
  • 100% online.
  • Self-paced – you can work as quickly (or as slowly) as you like until you finish.
  • Come with ZERO pre-requisites. We do suggest that your English is around IELTS 6 level, but we don’t insist on this.

100% Online Courses Backed By Unbelievable Student Support

Even though we are 100% online we still have educators who will take you through your course and mentor you.

Because of this we have limited places available – our teaching staff can only handle so many students.

We are experiencing high levels of applications, so if you want to know more or you wish to apply, please take action quickly to reserve your place.

If the course you require is fully booked, you can still go on a waiting list, so there’s no need to despair!

Drop us a message here or use our online chat to get in touch with us to find out more!

Tony Chesher

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