What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a common form of security threat that you hear a lot about in the media. It is a coordinated attack by cybercriminals that targets particular businesses with the aim of determining system weaknesses. It involves the encryption of business data and demanding a ransom to decrypt it. Ransomware may infect your devices when you visit an unsafe or suspicious website when you open an attachment, link, or email from an unknown source, or through poor security on your network or devices. Cyber.gov.au advises to never pay a ransom. Paying a ransom does not guarantee that files will be restored, it also does not prevent data from being on-sold for use in future crimes. Paying the ransom also increases the likelihood of being targeted again.

Preventing or recovering from a ransomware attack

To prevent a ransomware attack or to recover from a ransomware attack the following is advised-

  • Regularly backup your important data
  • Automatically update your operating systems, software, and apps
  • Use multi-factor authentication to access services when it is available
  • Audit and secure your devices