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Your Top 12 Study Habits to stop you going crazy!

Your Top 12 Study Habits to stop you going crazy!

OK, so you’ve taken on a new course. Good on you! This course will change and enhance your life in more ways than you can think. But, how do you get through the course without splitting up with your partner, kicking your dog, and feeling downright useless? Don’t panic ? It’s normal. Most students feel …

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Customer Service Training Course

Do you want the best Customer Service Training course?

By Tony

Don’t you just love it when you get served by someone who knows what they’re doing and treats you really well…? By contrast, do you hate it when someone serves you and they don’t care much about you…or, are distracted by someone/thing else? What is Customer Service Training? Prepare to be spoilt! Once you know […]

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Business Administration Courses

Want to do a really great Business Administration Course?

By Tony Chesher

Administration is a fundamental part of any business. There will always be things to do, which keep the business running. Think of administration as cogs in a wheel. They all need to be spinning freely, which makes the wheel turn. If not done, then the business will grind to a halt. But, if done well, […]

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HR training course

How to find out if a HR training course is right for you.

By Tony Chesher

So, now you want to do a great HR Training course? OK, so if you think HR stands for “heart rate”, then you’re in the wrong place, sorry. But, if you know HR stands for Human Resources, then read on! If you’re interested in HR as a career, then there are some things you can […]

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