School Leaver & Gap Year Adventurers

If you're soon to leave school, left already or even if you're on a gap year, this is for you!

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In Your Final Year?

You can give your school graduation an amazing boost by completing a Certificate III while still at school! Talk about getting ahead of the rest! If you'd prefer to concentrate entirely on your school work, then why not consider our start-any-time online courses as your after school pathway to better job prospects or as a pathway to university?

Just Left School This Year?

Get set up for a better job, more cash in less time with a business-related certificate II or IV. You'll be powering up your resume and you can expect a Nationally Recognised Training certificate to help you for many years into the future. Many of those who have gone before you list an NRT certificate as the most important factor in their career success.

It's also a reliable pathway to University for those of you who are high flying, dream chasers!


On a Gap Year

If you're on a gap year, or just returned from one, an online certificate could be the best move you ever made (apart from deciding to travel the world of course!). You can prove to employers that you're a serious contender for a great job, and you can get your head back into learning without the shock of jumping straight back into a classroom environment.

You can study our courses from anywhere, so the smartest move may be to take a course or two while you're on the road, and come back powered-up, and ready to rock!


Why Study at Edmund Barton?


Our programs are designed to work with, not against, your current life and obligations. It's never been easier to integrate education fully into your lifestyle.


You will develop a deep and lasting understanding of the business fundamentals needed to succeed. Our classes are enjoyable, engaging, and deliver knowledge that stays with you for years to come.


We are truly committed and passionate about every single student we work with. You receive unsurpassed support, guidance and assistance with everything from coursework to career planning and support.


Boost your career options and showcase your talent. Your resume will stand out from the crowd once you've completed your studies - as someone who goes the extra mile to reach their goals.

Knowledge is Power



and take your first step towards a new future

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