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Cyber Security Awareness

Nationally Recognised Skill Set : BSBSS00094

What do you get?

We all love and rely on our technology. But hackers are looking for ways to get through your security 24/7. If they get in, they have access to your files, passwords, and everything you want to keep private and secure. Who knows what costs and damage they can cause!

Our Cyber Security & Awareness Accreditation Course is designed to help protect you and your devices. It will give you the skills and knowledge required to;

  • identify and report online security threats to limit the potential impact of cyber security breaches,
  • protect own personal online profile from cyber security threats, and to limit the potential impact of online security breaches,
  • securely manage personally identifiable information (PII) and workplace information, and
  • promote cyber security in a work and/or home area.

This is an engaging, interactive, and valuable course delivered 100% online.

Instructions for completing 

Each course contains a series of units and topics that is followed up by a short quiz and case study or research question.

  1. Select your first unit.
  2. Work through each topic of the unit in order, and mark them as complete when you have finished and understand the content.
  3. When all the topics are complete, then start the quiz. The quiz will take you through a series of questions and when submitted at the end will be sent to your Mentor for assessment. If she has any questions or feedback at this point, she will be in touch with you to follow up.
  4. After you have completed both Quizzes, then ensure you click Complete on the Topic and start on the next Unit.
  5. Once your course is 100% complete, your Mentor will finalise your results and be in touch!

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