Leadership & Management Courses

If you love the feeling of directing, organising and leading people, taking on responsibilities, and working towards collective success, then a Leadership and Management Course is for you. Though the ‘front line’ of customers will be your focus, these courses are more suited for those who want to work behind the front line, away from customers, but supporting, leading and managing the front line staff.

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Diploma of Leadership & Management - BSB50420

This level is suitable for someone with 2-3 years’ experience on the job / ambitious and conscientious person out of school. 

COST: From $3450 

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Certificate IV in Leadership & Management - BSB42015

This level is suitable for people who have 1-2 years’ experience on the job or are looking for a more demanding out of school course.

COST: From $3450 

Diploma of Human Resource Management

Diploma of Human Resource Management - BSB50320

This level is suitable for someone with 2-3 years’ experience on the job / ambitious and conscientious person out of school. 

COST: From $3450 

Diploma of Leadership and Management

Dual Diploma of Business & Leadership and Management - BSB50215/ BSB50420

This level is suitable for someone with 2-3 years’ experience on the job / an ambitious and conscientious person out of school. 

COST: From $3950 



None! We don’t ask for any prior qualifications


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Nationally Recognised Training

Nationally Recognised Training

All of our courses are Nationally Recognised Training programmes that can lead to vocational qualifications and credentials that are recognised across Australia.


Our courses are delivered 100% online using some of the most innovative and engaging learning materials available. All of our courses are full of engaging materials and interactive quizzes designed to make your learning fun along with assessments that consist of quizzes, short answer, and long answer questions.



Edmund Barton College has been operating in Australia for over 17 years, since 2003. During that time we have graduated 1000's of business students all over the country.
Our online delivery software has taken many years of work and research to help deliver the learning materials that you are using today.

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No parking or traffic problems. You don’t even have to leave your home to study. 

Fit your studies in around your life- not the other way around. 

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When you’re studying online, you can mix with other like-minded students all around Australia. So, you’re in good company!

You’ll love the flexibility!

Have you got stuff in your life that you have to do (work, family, etc)? When you study online, you can fit in your studies to a time and a place that works for you!

No pass or fail marking or assessment scoring

This is all about whether you are competent enough in the unit to move on to the next not about passing and failing. What you will get is support and help to complete the unit.

Design your own course... even after you started studying!

You can build your own course by selecting whichever units you would like to study. Even better, you can do this after you've started studying them as well!



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Leadership and Management


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Listen to one of our previous students, Tarek, talk about the 3 main reasons why he thinks you should study at Edmund Barton College.

"1) Affordable courses that are all ASF (Australian Skills Framework) certified.

2) An amazing system that allows you to study in your own time. The harder you study- the faster you complete your course.

3) An excellent support system that gives you the help you need.

Tarek I. - A previous student in Diploma of Business

Alternative Courses


If you love the buzz of business and getting things done then a business course could be for you!


If you love helping and contributing to a business’s success, then a course in Business Administration could be for you!


If you’re a people-person and you like helping customers, while leading a team and taking on some higher responsibilities, then this is for you.