How To Boost Your ATAR Scores The Smart Way

So ATAR anxiety is a thing, and students are under huge pressure during year 12.

If this is you, or your child you may be feeling like the ATAR year is a nightmare of stress. Being graded against one’s peer group and then having that grade used to allow or prevent access to college, universities and jobs can seem harsh and unfair.

Well, there is another way.

How To Boost Your ATAR Scores The Smart Way

There is now a little know way to tip the balance in your favour and during your ATAR year, you can invest in a secret weapon that can directly increase your ATAR score.

You can now sit a Vocational Education and Training (VET) course and if you pass the qualification it will count towards your ATAR score!

VET qualification levels now have a scaled score which is applied to your ATAR score. The lowest VET course that is applied is a Certificate III, and you’ll get higher scores if you sit a Certificate IV and higher again for a Diploma.

Every VET course is considered equal with regard to the score applied to the ATAR. We reckon our Certificate III in Business takes some beating, as it’s relevant to almost any job in the private sector! The score thing does mean, however, that you are free to choose whatever course you fancy, and if you choose Certificate III in Pet Grooming we won’t judge you!

You can read more about how the scores are applied here; What counts towards the ATAR

A VET Course Makes You Job Ready, and Opens University Doors

What’s also great, is that a VET course prepares you for getting a paid job or entering into university too. In fact, universities will often give you credits for the VET course units you have taken, where they are relative to the university course you apply for.

Any good VET course should give you the ability to be “job-ready” in the subject you choose to sit.

It’s Easier Than You May Think

Now I know you’re probably thinking that going to another school is just not feasible, and you don’t have the time, but with the move to online course delivery, you may find you can fit it comfortably around your life and study.

For example, our courses are 100% online and delivered in such a way that you can complete them at your own pace.

We have students who take their time, fitting their study around their lives, and we have students who devour courses like it’s going out of fashion.

Many colleges also give refunds for any units that you don’t or can’t take, so if you do find it’s too much, you just pay for what you use.

We actually offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Most people find a way to fit the course in around their lives though, and online delivery usually shortens the study time quite a bit.

If you’d like more information about how VET courses can be used for ATAR, or what a business qualification can open up, just send us a message.

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