Diploma of Leadership and Management


If you love the feeling of directing, organising and leading people, taking on much higher responsibilities, and working towards collective success, then this is for you. 

In this qualification, you’ll learn how to apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts. You’ll plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems, and identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources.

Your Investment:


This course is valued at $7200 but thanks to funding from the NSW government, it is FREE to you. (if you are eligible)

Start Dates


This course is available to start now. You must commence within 5 days of course access and complete the course by 1st December, 2023 (or earlier!). Just use the Enrol Now button to get started.



This course has 12 units and you should expect to take around 8 hours per unit. 
You can study at your own pace and complete each unit in your own time. 

Who is eligible for our Fee-Free courses?

Edmund Barton College fee-free courses are funded by the New South Wales government.
To be eligible for these courses you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, permanent Australian resident, or a humanitarian visa holder.
  • Be aged 15 years or over, and not enrolled at any school.

Additionally, you must also live, or work, in one of the areas as follows:

  • Central Coast- COURSE FULL
  • Mid North Coast
  • New England and North West
  • Riverina
  • Newcastle and Lake Macquarie- COURSE FULL
  • Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven - COURSE FULL
  • Sydney - COURSE FULL

100% online

Our courses are delivered 100% online using some of the most innovative and engaging learning materials available with full mentor support every step of the way.

Entry Requirements
Pre Req's:


There are no ATAR or other entry requirements to start studying this course. Just a desire to learn! 

Nationally Recognised Training

Recognised Training

This is course is a nationally recognised training programme that can lead to vocational qualifications and credentials that are recognised across Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Build your own course

In a Diploma of Leadership and Management, you’ll apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

Use the units below to build your own course around your desired outcomes and that will help you reach your career goals.


You must choose 12 units in total ( 6 Core units and 6 Electives)

CORE UNITS: The following 6 units are compulsory.

BSBCMM511 - Communicate with influence

BSBCRT511- Develop critical thinking in others

BSBLDR523 - Lead and manage effective workplace relationships

BSBOPS502 - Manage business operational plans

BSBPEF502 - Develop and use emotional intelligence

BSBTWK502- Manage team effectiveness

ELECTIVE UNITS: You must choose 6 units altogether.

BSBCMM412 - Lead difficult conversations

BSBFIN501 - Manage budgets and financial plans

BSBHRM522 - Manage employee and industrial relations

BSBHRM524 - Coordinate workforce plan implementation

BSBHRM531 - Coordinate health and wellness programs

BSBLDR522 - Manage people performance

BSBOPS501 - Manage business resources

BSBOPS504 - Manage business risk

BSBPEF501 - Manage personal and professional development

BSBSTR502 - Facilitate continuous improvement

BSBSUS511 - Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

BSBTWK501 - Lead diversity and inclusion

BSBXCM501 - Lead communication in the workplace

BSBTWK503 - Manage meetings


The Diploma of Leadership and Management is a more demanding course, designed for those who already have some years of work experience in business or admin or junior leadership roles, who may now be ready to step up to a promotion or take that higher-level job. You could start this course as an entry-level student, but you’ll need to be pretty keen and committed, as a lot of the material will be new to you. But don’t panic; if you get stuck, we’re here to help you through. 

As this is a higher level, your expected answers to assessments should match the increased depth and breadth of the content.  This is a highly respected qualification - and will take pride of place on your resume. It tells an employer that you have the skills, knowledge and ability to control high-level projects. 

Pride. Confidence. Recognition. Skills & Knowledge. Firstly, you’ll learn how to develop strategies, operate projects, manage and delegate to others, and work to time and budgetary deadlines. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, you’ll develop confidence in your abilities, and you’ll take pride in achieving this qualification. It’s not easy - and nor should it be - but you will earn status, ability and recognition for being a top-level Manager. 

In this course, you can learn how to manage and lead a team. Feel comfortable to try a few things, get some more feedback from our Mentors, and then become really good at this before you take on the role. Or, if you have the experience, but not the qualification, then this is a perfect way to get the recognition you deserve.  Then, you can then talk to your Manager - confident in your new, recognised abilities from your Qualification - and ask for that promotion, pay rise or both!

This course is a higher-level one, which means you’ll be at (or near) senior management. With some good experience, this qualification will prove and complement your skills. Some of our graduates head down these paths;

  • Office Manager

  • Property Manager

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Franchise Operator

  • Customer Service Manager

  • Business Owner 

You’ll naturally get credit for what you do in this course. Upon completing a Diploma of Leadership and Management, you can continue your studies through the Diploma of Business. The credits you earn in this course can count towards further qualifications, which means it’s quicker and cheaper to advance to higher qualifications.

Don't just take our word for it

Listen to one of our previous students, Tarek, talk about the 3 main reasons why he thinks you should study at Edmund Barton College.

1) Affordable courses that are all AQF (Australian Qualification Framework) certified.

2) An amazing system that allows you to study in your own time. The harder you study- the faster you complete your course.

3) An excellent support system that gives you the help you need.

Tarek I. - A previous student in Diploma of Business

Essential Information

Students who choose us get more than just a great education and a great start to a career - they get a fully integrated experience that will resonate for years to come. Anyone can go the conventional route, but our students choose us because they want an amazing start and the full support that our engaged and involved faculty and staff can offer.

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites or licensing, legislative or certification requirements required to undertake this qualification.



  • We’ll supply you with all the learning materials you’ll need.
  • You will need to have access to a computer, the internet and an email address.

You will also need to get yourself a USI number (https://www.usi.gov.au) which is free and records your results with the government for future security. More on this later.

Assessment Methods


There are a variety of assessment methods, and we can be flexible in how we receive your assessment, including;

  • Online
  • Paper
  • Video
  • Q&A
  • Demonstration
  • Short written answers
  • Longer written answers
  • Third party observation

RPL and Credit Transfer

RPL & Credit Transfer

If you have done some of this course before, or you have done some units that appear in this course, or you have good experience in this type of work, then you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit Transfer. You don’t have to take up this option, but it’s available upon request. Evidence will be required.

Yep. All over Australia. It’s endorsed by all State and Commonwealth governments and recognised by other RTO’s. Validation on the course we’re delivering to you can be found at  https://training.gov.au/Training/Details/BSB51918

Edmund Barton College is an RTO (our number is 90768 … you can find us at https://training.gov.au/Organisation/Details/90768) and we’re registered with ASQA (that’s the Commonwealth Government’s department who regulate and authorise Training Organisations like us (see https://www.asqa.gov.au/). It’s under ASQA’s rules that we operate and, if we don’t play by their rules, they can kick us out! We’ve been audited multiple times and are registered through to 2025.

Since 2003. We’ve been delivering training and graduating thousands of people under our parent company, Maddisson Employment. Now, we’re delivering the same courses but under a new trading name, Edmund Barton College.

What others have to say

I would like to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity to receive my business certificate. Yours, Maddy's, Vickie's, and the team of Edmund Barton's College's cooperation and effort in preparing and delivering the course is truly appreciated. I couldn't have done it without you!

The online modules made the process very manageable and stress-free, as the learning was also very interactive given all the checkpoints. I am glad to have completed the course through Edmund Barton College as it was extremely convenient to my timings and I was able to complete it within a few months before school had started. Once again, thank you for your outstanding support!

Shweta T

Year 12 Student

The course was very educational and at the same time very fun. I loved (my Mentor) Michelle's comments. She made me feel very special (and smart!!). I enjoyed every moment of it! 

Mariela R

Graduate - Certificate III and IV in Business Administration

I learned a lot through my course. The information was relevant to my job and the delivery was really fun and engaging. The Mentors were excellent in helping me with my studies. I can highly recommend these guys!

Simon C

Graduate - Certificate IV in Customer Engagement

I would like to say thank you to the team at Edmund Barton College, I know every time I have contacted the college the employees have been amazing with their customer service

Ashley G

Graduate - Certificate IV in Business Administration

"I have thoroughly enjoyed completely this Diploma, it was something that I thought was out of my reach. My Mentor’s kind words every step of the way has been encouraging and motivating. I certainly found the last two topics the hardest to get motivated to do, as life certainly got busier and procrastination kicked in. I have finished just in time for the festive season.”

Amanda H

Graduate - Diploma of Leadership & Management

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