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of students have completed their course faster than scheduled.


of students are satisfied with their quality of training and learning experience.


of students have reported getting a payrise or entry to Uni after course completion.

“I'm so happy with this amazing experience with your college.”

“An amazing system that allows you to study in your own time. The harder you study- the faster you complete your course.”

“ I found the delivery of the course to be easy to follow and surprisingly enjoyable”




Certificate III, IV and Diploma courses to give you the skills to gain entry to the business world and to study your way all the way to promotion to management levels.



Whether you want to get involved in administration, hr, front of back-office support or team and office leadership, our subjects in Business, Business Administration, Customer Engagement and Leadership and Management will get you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What entry requirements do your courses have? No entry requirements- you can focus on the future rather than previous ATAR scores or qualifications.

Are your courses accredited courses?  Yes! All of our courses are Nationally Recognised Training programmes that can lead to vocational qualifications and credentials that are recognised across Australia.

How soon can I start? Now! Or whenever you are ready. Our courses are 100% online and available to start studying as soon as you are ready.

How long are the courses? All of our courses are self-paced learning. This means that while we have suggested timeframes for completion if you study hard and are committed, it can be possible to complete the courses in a much shorter time!


Everyone wants the best education possible, everyone wants to save as much money as possible, and everyone wants training that fits around their lifestyle.

Edmund Barton College is rapidly becoming the most widely respected name in online business training. We are a business college with 100% online delivery, and a heavy reliance on the most cutting edge education technology. We built in a supportive, mentoring culture and we baked fun into our learning materials and delivery. And all of this is what makes us stand apart from the crowd not only in what we can offer but also with what you can achieve!

We have focused our subjects on 9 online courses that will allow you to not only gain entry to the business world but give you the knowledge to excel and gain success every step of the way.

“ I really loved how there were mini-quizzes along the way”

“Really professional and very supportive team.”